Communications Systems

Combine Your Communication Mediums

Our Unified Communications System combines the Microsoft Exchange email system with Microsoft Lync Server and S.I.P. based V.O.I.P.(Voice over I.P.) phones and Grandstream's P.B.X. on your premises to provide a seamless system that integrates multiple communication channels.

Increase Your Access and Communication Possibilities

This system allows you to access your emails, voice mails, and phone lines from anywhere over secured connections. With a messaging application on a laptop or any windows, android, or iOS-based mobile device you will have instant access to your emails.

In addition to this, with the special softphone application a user can make and receive calls using Wi-Fi internet on a mobile device as if they were in the office. The softphone option allows you to forward your desk extension to your mobile device. Voice mails can be forwarded to your email account as well for instant access. Users can create and participate in face-to-face communications using the video conferencing features and share desktops or specific applications to improve collaboration and efficiency.

Multisite Integrated Phone SystemWith an S.I.P.-based VOIP phone system businesses can connect multiple sites over the internet or virtual private connections and monitor extensions at remote offices, create conference calls, and reduce long distance phone charges. Faxes can be stored and forwarded to email addresses as PDF attachments to combat office waste. We also install, support, and integrate Polycom Conferencing Systems.

Give us a call if you would like more information on our Unified Communications System and what it can do for your business!